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Dear customers, สวัสดี

In light of the recent Covid-19 global pandemic, we wanted to take a moment to check-in on our customers.

We hope you are safe and taking necessary precaution to protect you, yourself and your loved ones.

Following the Social Distancing Measures in place, our available seats will be significantly limited. All dining tables will be at 1-meter distances from each other.

We have always been happy to be a part of your family & friends dining moments and celebration, but unfortunately due to unavoidable preventive measures. We would advise patrons to limit the number of large groups to below 10 pax per time. We also would gladly welcome takeouts at our premises.

In addition to that, while we are working on developing our online ordering catalogue and delivery services, we highly encourage customers to comply with the measures imposed by the ministry to work together to prevent further widespread of the outbreak.

Hand Sanitizing Station is available upon entry, please use it!

We would like to also encourage customers to call in for self-pickup takeouts through our hotline 63922172. Lines might be busy during certain hours.

We hope you are all doing well out there and invite you to stay connected with us right here on Instagram @KOHNANGKAM or this website WWW.KOHNANGKAMSG.COM for upcoming updates.

- AJ, Admin

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